fiona wolfmeyer

⤑ full name fiona amelie wolfmeyer ⤑ birth date + age april 15, 1985 + thirty-one ⤑ hometown beaufort, south carolina ⤑ residence studio city, ca + new york, ny ⤑ occupation actor ⤑ sexuality & status fluid + french gardens ⤑ pets rosie & pepper

The quintessential Southern family would likely look different depending on the state, however a similar thread might go through much of them. Thus was the stereotypical look of the Wolfmeyer family of Beaufort, South Carolina. Julia and Henry Wolfmeyer were high school sweethearts, that nauseating combination of high school quarterback and prom queen. Henry was from old Southern money, and Julia's family could be traced back to the founding fathers of the country. Needless to say, the children born into the Wolfmeyer family had a certain amount of expectation placed upon their little heads. The family owned a house just off the water, which was rife for sailboating and just about any other activity which would lead the Wolfmeyer children into a path of excellence. Born the second of what would be four children in the Wolfmeyer family, Fiona Amelie Wolfmeyer at least escaped the pressure of being the eldest child. That right went to an older brother.

A little rebellion never hurt anyone coming from a few kids, but it seemed like the harder her parents squeezed, the more and more Fiona wanted to break away from their expectations. Whether it was running around with the boys in the neighborhood and messing up the dress her mother had put her in when she was a kid, or sneaking out of the house when she was a teenager. Like it or not, her parents were raising children in a changing world, and they had to roll with the times. Try telling that to a former Colonel in the U.S. Army and a woman who was very invested in the DAR. For the most part, Fiona was an easy kid … well, on a good day. It wasn't necessarily the case during her teenage years, when her mother attempted to keep her doing pageants and keeping up with her dance lessons. Fiona fought a lot with her mother in those years, but most of that could be chalked up to a girl who was breaking away from what was expected of her, and beginning to find out who she wanted to be on her own. It was in high school that she first joined drama and audition for the school plays -- a compromise bartered with her mother so she could finally quit those "stupid pageants" as she'd put it. (Maybe a bit more unkind than she should have been to her mother.)

High school was the place where, as most coming of age stories, Fiona was tested and really put to the question of who she wanted to be as a person. Not a kid, but a person in her own right. She maintained her dancing into her junior year of high school, but it was then that drama completely took over her life. It was in drama that she asserted a want to do it for the rest of her life (not exactly outing that to her parents yet), and also within her school's drama program that she met her first girlfriend. Fiona had only had boyfriends (and only two, at that) in her eighteen years, so it was quite a time to come to terms with her own bisexuality. Her uber-Christian household likely wasn't going to take kindly to her bringing another woman home, so at the time, Fiona kept it to herself, only confiding in her best friend and her brother.

One of the bigger moments of disappointment for her parents came when she announced she would not be pursuing going to her mother's alma mater. In fact, her plan was to go to Los Angeles with her best friend, who had gotten into fashion design school there. After several arguments with her parents, Fiona asserted that it was something she felt like she needed to do. She wanted to pursue the idea of acting, and Los Angeles was the best place to do that. Of course, it sort of helped that it would allow her some space to live her own life, and away from her parents. In the end, her parents finally agreed, even if that guilt trip coming from her mother was killer.

Fiona wasn't sure what she expected when she arrived in Los Angeles, but it was a bit of a culture shock for her. Honestly, she had no clue what she was doing other than getting in touch with a couple friends who had gone out there for school years before she arrived. One in particular, helped put her on course by getting her to take the same acting classes she was attending. It was there that Fiona made her own little group of friends, where they for the most part encouraged one another to go after any audition out there. It took her three months before she booked her first commercial, and off of that, she got herself an agent. Timing seemed to be perfect, as pilot season was just on the horizon. She'd come to know the season well, which was one she'd both love and hate.

It was dumb luck (and maybe a bit of talent) that Fiona got the lead role of a new FOX show coming in the fall. Skin was her foot into the industry, even though it was extremely short lived and widely panned by critics. It was no real matter in the long run, as it gave Fiona a chance to work with directors and producers, whom she charmed and made sure to keep good relationships with. She got a small role in her first film, and off of that was offered an audition for The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. That film, and the sequel with it, would prove to change her life. It was those movies that got her face and name out there, enough that she was recognized in casting offices. It began her run of vastly "teen" type movies, aimed at that target audience with not a whole lot of substance to them. She spent four years in that genre, only semi-breaking out for a small role in Transformers. Her parents began to come around when they saw her success, and she even took them as her "dates" to the Sisterhood premieres.

An opportunity presented itself for a smaller role in a far grittier film come 2008, and Fiona gladly jumped at the opportunity. Transsiberian allowed her to really stretch her acting abilities, and take on something wholly new for herself. It would come to be the best thing for her, as she began to really look at her career choices and pick projects to work on that she actually really connected with. The characters she began to work on were like taking little pieces of her, and she felt for the first time she was really stretching her legs and coming into her own as an actor. She's spent the years since building on her craft, and working her ass off in any given situation. She's found that word of mouth spreads like wildfire in Hollyweird, and the best way to continually work was just to be herself, and on top of that, please those around her. It's one of those industries where, unless you're AAA listers to the point where you can do what you want, hard work is really appreciated and rewarded. In her mind, if she's still working when she's 50 and happy doing so, then she'll consider herself insanely lucky.

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family henry wolfmeyer 67. ceo wolfmeyer enterprises; ties with industrialism, oil companies, old money. julia wolfmeyer 66. philanthropist, beaufort historical society, DAR member. joshua wolfmeyer 32. first lieutentant; US MARINE CORPS. evan wolfmeyer 27. photographer, wanderer. emma wolfmeyer 23. first year medical student; northwestern university


⤑ bought her first home in 2010 just after The Town premiered, a three bedroom house in toluca lake.

⤑ has always been very ambiguous about her sexuality. she's never necessarily tried to hide it, and yet never come right out and declared herself one way or another. she knows her parents know (or suspect), but she had never particularly come out to them -- until the spring of 2015, after the events of the #Wreckoning.

⤑ three tattoos mark her body to date: words done upon moving to los angeles; an infinity symbol with initials, done with a childhood best friend; song lyrics done september, 2014.

⤑ is not one to trust easily; she has a handful of people really close to her, but doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve for others.

⤑ though she was raised in a very southern baptist home, fiona would consider herself more spiritual than anything else, and definitely not religious.